File a Complaint

What complaints can PCTIA consider?

PCTIA considers complaints in which a student may have been misled. If the institution made a representation which is materially different from the actual services or instruction provided, you may file a complaint with PCTIA and request a full or partial refund of your tuition fees.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The complaint must be filed with PCTIA within six months of the date upon which the events you complain about occurred or upon which you should reasonably have been expected to know about the matters at issue.

Examples which may constitute being misled:

  • Your student contract provides for a certain location and length of program and you find, when you begin classes, the location has changed and/or the length of the program has changed without your having been notified
  • An institution claims to be accredited with PCTIA while only being registered
  • Your contract to take a program requires the use of a specific piece of equipment (heavy duty machinery, laser tech, microscopes) and when you begin classes it turns out the equipment is not available nor is any alternative equipment provided

Examples which likely do not constitute being misled:

  • You fail an exam
  • You dislike an instructor
  • The institution does not have the most current software version or textbook

For more information review our complaint package or contact the PCTIA Student Support Coordinator at

How do I file a complaint?

Students must attempt to resolve complaints through the institution's internal dispute resolution process before submitting a complaint to the Agency. However, if the student provides evidence that indicates problems with an institution's dispute resolution process, including excessive delay, the Agency may, at its discretion, accept the compliant immediately.