Receiving Schools for RCIT Students

Institution's Training Out RCIT Students

The following institutions are aware of the closure of the Royal Canadian Institute of Technology and are working with the Agency and affected students to transition students into their programs so their education can continue.

Students may contact these institutions directly. The affected student will not be required to pay additional costs over and above what they have or would have paid to RCIT. The Agency pays the new institution directly on behalf of the student. The ability to transfer into another institution will be based on the similarity between programs, where the student was in the program, and other relevant factors. The Agency cannot guarantee a train-out institution. Where a train-out is not possible, the Agency will determine whether a tuition refund is available to the affected student.

Institutions Receiving RCIT Students**

(listed alphabetically)

Brighton College / (604) 430-5608
CDI College of Business, Technology & Health Care (604) 685-8585
Canadian Health Care Academy: (604) 540-2421
Drake Medox: (604) 629-0196
Gateway College: (604) 738-0285
Greystone College: (604) 682-3880
Kamayma College School of Nursing: / (604) 593-5178
MTI Community College: / (604) 682-6020
Omni College: / (604) 279-1800
PACE Canada College: / (604) 595-7962
Saint Elizabeth Education Centre: / (855) 243-7332
Sprott-Shaw: / (604) 552-9711
Universal Learning Institute: / (604) 273-2880
Vancouver career College: (604) 915-9657
** Other PCTIA registered institutions may also take students. Please contact for any additional information.

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