IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Engagement Document Phase 2 - Quality Assurance Framework

Letter from the Ministry of Advanced Education

Phase 1 Consultation
Phase 2 Quality Assurance Framework Workbook

July 11, 2012

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Dear Karin Kirkpatrick:

As you know, Canada Starts Here:  The BC Jobs Plan sets forth Government’s commitment to expand and enhance quality assurance for the entire post-secondary education sector, towards ensuring both domestic and international students receive the best education and experience possible in British Columbia. 

In April 2012, the Ministry of Advanced Education presented an engagement document on improvements to the quality assurance framework.  Input was received from institutions, faculty, students and the general public.  We thank you for assisting us in distributing the document to the PCTIA member institutions.  The Quality Assurance Framework “Discussion Paper” of April 4, 2012  is available on the Ministry website:

We are now in the second phase of the engagement process. We ask that you share the attached engagement document as well as information on the engagement process with your colleagues and with the PCTIA member institutions.  In this way, we hope to ensure the widest possible engagement with the private career training sector. 

In this phase of consultations, we invite stakeholders to review the “Quality Assurance Framework Workbook,” which outlines the proposed legislative and policy directions, and summary of the feedback from the “Stakeholder Engagement - Phase 1” (both attached).  Using the workbook, we hope stakeholders will continue to contribute their ideas and advice to this process. 

We would also appreciate the opportunity to meet with interested PCTIA member institutions over the summer to discuss any questions they may have about the workbook or improvements to the quality assurance framework.  We request your assistance in scheduling this half-day consultation, preferably in July. 

In order to ensure timely review and analysis of all submissions, we are requesting that completed workbooks be returned by August 17, 2012, via the Send Workbook button on the PDF form or e-mail to:


We look forward to our continued collaboration to strengthen and enhance quality within the post-secondary education sector. 

Should you have any further questions, please contact Ms. Dorothy Rogers at (250) 356-5406, or via e-mail to:



Ian Rongve, Ph.D.

Assistant Deputy Minister

Sector Strategy and Quality Assurance Division

Ministry of Advanced Education

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