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International Student Program FAQs

Do you need to register your institution with PCTIA?

Does your institution have a career training program 40 hours or more in duration? Is tuition $1000 or more?

If you answered yes to these questions, registration with PCTIA is likely mandatory.

There are approximately 320 private career training institutions registered with PCTIA in BC. Once your institution is registered, it is required to comply fully with the Private Career Training Institutions Act, its Regulations and Bylaws.

If your institution is offering degree programs, they must be approved by the Degree Quality Assessment Board.

Learn how to register your institution here.

What's next? Move toward Accreditation...

When a registered institution has actively operated in good standing in BC for one year, it is eligible to apply for accreditation. Institutions achieving accreditation status may use the PCTIA accreditation logo and brand on their marketing materials and apply for StudentAid BC and Educational Quality Assurance (EQA) designations.

Learn how to apply for accreditation here.

The difference between registration and accreditation? It's simple.

Registration is mandatory. Accreditation is voluntary.

A registered institution may voluntarily seek accreditation. It requires the institution to maintain additional quality standards in excess of registration requirements. It is also a base requirement for institutions to apply for a StudentAid BC designation or the Educational Quality Assurance (EQA) designation.